New Knives for February 2021 Maserin Kizer Cold Steel |AK Blade S 3 Ep 8 | USA Made Kershaw GAW

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And they're back fellow knife enthusiasts, and this time they're looking to the future with the new Kizer CyberBlade. Available in G10, Micarta, and Titanium, this pocket sized tactical carry is perfect for all situations, especially those involving the use of Cold Steel Tactical Gloves (also available at This week's episode also features the fabulous FOBOS knives Tier 1 C, a USA Made knife with all the trappings. That's not even the best part! Cee & Jul also managed to bring on the newest knives from Real Steel & Maserin. The Real Steel Stella Slip Joint, with VG-10 steel and 3/4 stop and the Maserin 940 Badger Fixed Blade, which rivals only the Maserin Ghost. Jul even attempts to demonstrate the Maserin Badger's shoulder holster (not really). Monster fixed blades and snazzy pocket edc's are what great AK Blade episodes are made off. Well, that and Cee hoping his mother in law will finally move out.
Thanks to SOG for sponsoring our giveaways. However, if you weren't able to participate, we've got another opportunity for you. Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe and you'll be entered to win a Kershaw Outright knife courtesy of Kershaw. You can also head over to our blog on and answer the AK Trivia Question. If you do that, you'll be entered to win...a Steel Will Gienah. Last day to enter for this giveaway: 2/26/21.
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