New Knives for February 2021 from LionSteel Kansept Bestech AK Blade S 3 Ep 7 The Cyclone

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This week's episode comes to a piercing point as Cee & Jul pronounce the baddest, new knife; the United Cutlery M48 Cyclone push dagger. Though it lacks practical use, this collector's piece is perfect for any display case or wall mount. However, this isn't the only surprising blade that makes it to the table this week. Cee & Jul also introduce the new Kansept Little Main Streets; pocket sized edc's with 154cm steel blades and tons of color options, along with the M390 Titanium Bestech Samari (or Samurai for Just Jul) and the Italian LionSteel TM1 with 4D machined carbon fiber. AK is preparing you for anything with this wide assortment of fixed and folding blades alike. Party doesn't start until AK Blade premieres!

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This Weeks Knives

United Cutlery M48 Push Dagger:

Bestech Samari:

Kansept Little Main Street:

Steel Will Gienah:

Kershaw Outright:

LionSteel TM1:

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