Stedemon Hand Spinner Purplish Blue Titanium Fidget Toy

Stedemon Hand Spinner Purple Blue Titanium Fidget Toy Milled Notches z02xblu

  • $ 23.48
  • Save $ 41.47

This Stedemon Hand Spinner - a compact stress relieving fidget toy, is made of titanium; with a purplish blue anodized finish, milled notches and decorative detailing, and an oversized titanium pivot with enclosed ceramic ball bearing for consistant spins of up to 2 minutes or more. The Z02X also converts from two to four sides: unscrew and remove pivot, remove two small screws, rotate 1 side 90 degrees and reassemble. The Stedemon Z02X is 2.08" long, .94" wide, .49" thick, and it weighs 1.2 ounces. Made in China

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