Marbles First Mate Folding Knife Stainless Sailor Marlin Spike Mariner Ruler 405

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Marbles First Mate Knife - Closed: 3.75"; Blade: Stainless | Standard Edge | Satin Finish; Handle: Stainless; Other Info: Bail. Sheepsfoot blade, marlin spike, can opener, shackle key, and standard and metric rulers. 

Webster L. Marble came to Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the early 1890's and quickly gained the reputation of being one of the region's finest "timber cruisers". His uncanny ability to look at a specific forested acreage and predict the board foot yield made him very popular with the many logging companies in the area. Marble loved the outdoors and the vast Upper Peninsula offered innumerable opportunities to hunt, fish, camp and explore the environment. An inventor by nature, he was continually seeking to create useful tools and equipment that would be both practical and durable in the outdoors.

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