ESEE Black Passport Storage Carrying Travel Case + Fisher Spacer Pen PASSPORTB

  • $ 66.94
  • Save $ 37.01

Includes black finish Fisher Spacer Pen. Features multiple pockets for storing a passport, credit cards, driver's license, USB drive and a pen. The case closes securely with a large strip of Velcro and features a secure YKX zippered pocket with hidden money flap. Multiple grommet holes for the paracord neck strap allows the case to be carried vertically or horizontally. An external pocket allows for storage of the carry strap when not in use. A shielding material to prevent theft of information via RFID is built into the case protecting your personal information on your passport and credit cards. Case includes two 6-MIL storage bags for wet weather use and travel survival cards. Nylon construction. Color: Black.

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