Amare Six Finger Drop Point D2 Solid Construction Fixed Blade Knife 201812

  • $ 68.00

A very special all-steel knife, made from the rust-resistant and tough D2 steel, is the 6 finger fixed blade. A development that developed over years with friend and mentor Jürgen Sohnemann, Sohny. 

A striking feature of this knife may be that they do not have to put it out of the hand while working and grasping, but it is possible by the newly developed, special handle shape to keep the knife in the hand. This is when working in the forest, on the hunt, in poor visibility and on moving surfaces, such as. on a boat, very helpful. The sixth finger, EDC redefined. Includes sheath.


  • robust all-steel construction
  • novel handling and handle options
  • EDC redefined
  • versatile uses

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