Light-the-Way AK Project

AK Go Green Light the Way Sustainability Project Photo

The Light-the-Way AK project is our company's first big step towards becoming more eco-friendly. With the help of our employees and our Go Green AK Team, we decided to replace all of our lights with energy saving, LED lightbulbs. This will help increase energy efficiency and decrease energy waste, while improving environmental performance with no heat or UV emissions. 

AK Go Green Light-the-Way Project Positives of LED LightingLED Lights are longer lasting and are better at operating in cold conditions, making them perfect for our refrigerators and outdoor lighting. LED's also have exceptional dimming  & switching capabilities, which means we can adjust the lights frequently without compromising their energy   use or life span. Finally, due to their uniquely,   innovative design LED lights can be adapted for any lighting need, such as a shop floor, an office or bathroom,    as well as sizable regions like a   parking lot or outdoor common/recreational areas.
We here at AK are always looking for ways to improve, and this new Go Green AK Project is one we believe will benefit our company, our employees, our community and our planet.