Go Green AK Community Greenhouse

 AK Go Green Sustainability Community Greenhouse Project Website Photo

As a thriving local business, we feel it's our responsibility to not only Go Green for us, but for our community as well.

Thanks to our employees and the brainstorming of our AK Go Green Team, we decided to build a greenhouse. Not only will the greenhouse be made of various recycled materials from our own warehouse such as used wooden pallets and metal scraps, but it will produce fruits and vegetables grown from our very own composted soil. Our team will create this soil from all organic materials such as discarded area clippings and used cardboard boxes. This will grant us a nutrient rich soil, free of chemicals, and lessen the amount of environment pollution & waste in our landfills.

The results of said greenhouse will be used by our very own employees for their friends and family, as well as be given out to those in need in the community.

Check back frequently for updates on the status of the AK Community Greenhouse!