TOPS Knives 208 Clipper Cigar Cutter Tanto Folding Knife 2cp01

  • $ 159.94
  • Save $ 70.01

Friction folder. 6.13" overall. 2.25" S35VN tanto tumbled finish blade. Cryptic cyber G10 handles.  Weighs: 4.7 oz. Leather belt sheath. Made in USA. Designed by: Leo Espinoza.

Whether you’re kicking back with a few close friends at the end of a long day, enjoying a night of poker, out on the golf course, or spending some time in your favorite lounge, The 208 Clipper is your new go-to cigar cutter. For most, smoking is about more than the cigar. It is about the whole experience. That is why people put so much effort into their set-up from the humidor, to the furniture, to the lighter, to the liquor to pair with each cigar. It’s a social activity. The next time you’re about to light up, all of your friends are going to be jealous of that cutter you’re carrying.

The 208 Clipper has a CPM S35VN blade with black Cerakoted steel liners, G10 handles, and a high-quality double-stitched black leather sheath that make the experience that much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Plus, the design was inspired by TOPS’ first ever model the Steel Eagle 107D, so it’s got over 20 years of TOPS history built in. You spent good money on that cigar and all the accessories that go along with it. Make sure you’ve got to right cutter too, the TOPS 208 Clipper.

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