ULTRA X Knives 8 NEW models | AK Blade EP 36 - Crazy Knife Signs

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Knives, Sword Canes, and Signs are all being used as weapons this week as Cee & Jul focus all of their attention on ULTRA-X, a newer company on the knife scene. With the help of Jacrispy, Cee’s mother in law, and a dancing banana, there is no lack of absurdity and laughs as these two jump into the wonderful world of Ultra-X linerlocks. Don’t hesitate to join in on the fun by commenting because we always like to hear from those who also know Cee & Jul are BOTH lacking tight grips on reality. All knives are available at Atlantic Knife.com (See links below). Make sure to catch Cee & Jul on the AK Blade Show here every Friday. It’s informative with some entertainment thrown in. Don’t Forget to Like, Subscribe, and Comment! Find us on our social media pages and our website through the links below, so you can contact us directly should you guys have any questions about the giveaway, a product or if you just want to chat.

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