TOP 5 COLD STEEL Folding Knives | AK Blade EP 30 BEST Giant Knife

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In this episode, Jul & Cee focus on the Top 5 Cold Steel Folding Knives, including specs., uses, and of course, their favorites. Folders like the Cold Steel Voyager, the Cold Steel Recon 1, and the Cold Steel Rajah all make an appearance. Finally, Jul & Cee talk about what you can use REALLY BIG KNIVES for (other than looking awesome of course). Make sure to catch Cee & Jul on the AK Blade Show here every Friday. It’s informative with some entertainment thrown in.

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Links for This Weeks Knives


Cold Steel Spartan:


Cold Steel Ti-Lite:


Cold Steel Extra Large (XL) Voyager:


Cold Steel Large (L) Voyager :


Cold Steel Espada:


Cold Steel Recon 1:


Cold Steel Micro Recon 1:


Cold Steel Wild West Bowie:


Cold Steel Rajah 3 (III):


Cold Steel Hold Out:



Lynn Thompson Cold Steel Ti-Lite Demonstration Video:


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