Titanium Artisan Proponent AK Blog Trivia Question Giveaway

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Artisan Proponent Titanium AK Blade Atlantic Knife Blog Trivia Question Giveaway
The AK Blog Trivia Question.
Every week (or so) we will post a trivia question here on our blog for our fellow AK'ers to answer. After the giveaway's duration, we will announce the winner on our YouTube show, AK Blade, and/or here on our blog. 
Here's the best part, sometimes the trivia questions will involve real life prizes such as this week. A winner will be chosen from the correct answers posted. That person will win a Titanium Artisan Proponent Knife, courtesy of Atlantic Knife and Artisan Cutlery. The winner will be announced in approx. 2 weeks. 
Good Luck Fellow AK'ers!

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  • It was a clever accident: To strengthen their swords, smiths used the bones of their dead ancestors and animals, hoping to transfer the spirit into their blades.
    They couldn’t have known that in so doing, they actually were forging a rudimentary form of steel.

    Michael Jergens on
  • By adding bones, carbon, in the process, they made a rudimentary form of steel.

    Isaac R on
  • They add carbon to the process

    facundo gallego heguilen on
  • They unknowingly added carbon when trying to imbue the iron with their ancestors spirits

    Joseph Fitz on
  • They added Carbon by Carbonizing the iron

    Nathan Kay on

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