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Hey, everyone! Just Jul here. I mentioned in last week’s AK Blade episode, Wrapping Knives, that Atlantic Knife is giving away an Artisan Cutlery Kinetic Tool, and I thought I would do a review of it for you guys.


Artisan Cutlery Titanium Handles Kinetic Tool Balisong Blunt Tip Knife Multi-Tool 


Overall Look:

This tool is two words, wicked awesome. I think I might just carry it around to show off my mad flipping skills, well, my adequate skills anyway. It’s a good thing this tool has a dull blade, or I would probably have several cuts.

Seriously though, this tool is sleek, slender, and super light. It only weighs 4.3 oz due to the all titanium elements involved in its construction. In short, you must add this piece to your EDC collection, I know I will.


Handles & Blade:


Artisan Cutlery Kinetic Tool Balisong Blunt Tip Knife Multi-Tool


The handles on this bad boy are all gray titanium, with several major cut-outs appearing along the way. “Only to make this tool lighter my dear.” A bit of Little Red Riding Hood humor for you.


Artisan Cutlery Titanium Handles Kinetic Tool


Artisan Cutlery Titanium Kinetic Tool Handles Tab


The handles are held together with a titanium clip, with some, Let Me Here You Say It, jimping! The jimping in this case does allow your finger a better grip to open and close the kinetic tool. A quick push of the thumb and you really are ready to go.


Artisan Cutlery Titanium Handles Kinetic Tool Blade


The blade is made of 440A stainless steel, and has many useful features, but we’ll get back to that in a minute. The blade length is about 4 inches, while the handles alone are 5.5 inches. That makes the overall length of this carry about 9 ½ inches, which I think is a good size for any hand, especially since most knives are between 6 and 9 inches long, at least the ones I’ve seen. Though there are always outliers, like the Cold Steel Wild West Bowie and the Cold Steel Mini Push Pal.


Artisan Cutlery TItanium Kinetic Tool Close-Up On Blunt Tip Blade  


Use & Purpose:

This beautiful piece of art isn’t just fun, it has several uses. The blade, though it isn’t sharpened but in fact a blunt tip, does double as both a ruler, a bottler opener, and as a hex bit wrench (for various sizes). Need to tighten something on your car or bike? You have the Artisan Kinetic Tool. Want to open a bottle while hanging out? You have the Artisan Kinetic Tool. Not to mention, you can show off to your friends how good you are at flipping it open and closed.

This tool reminds me of those 50s and 60s movies where the guy offers to light a girl’s cigarette with his Zippo. You can just break out the Kinetic Tool and open someone’s beer. See, dual purpose and it boosts your cool factor (I’m not sure if it will actually boost your cool factor. I think by the fact of me saying cool factor that it most likely won’t boost your cool factor, so…just go with it’s a light and easy to use tool that you can carry anywhere and everywhere).


Flipping Fun:

I’m not going to lie (although I probably should). I spent a good 20 minutes on my break time flipping this tool around, practicing opening and closing it and attempting to do tricks. The smooth ball bearing pivot assembly provides a perfect flip (I wonder if that perfect flip was inspired by Farrah Fawcett, a hero to many who aspire to achieve the Perfect Feather Flip? Probably not).


Artisan Cutlery Titanium Kinetic Tool Pivot Assembly House Close-Up


All I have to say is, if you are looking for a tool that’s both practical AND fun, then this is most definitely for you. Not to mention, you can’t cut yourself with it while you’re using it like you would a Balisong Knife. A plus for me.

However, if you want to attempt to flip the more dangerous of tools (because of course those guys look cooler), does sell various Balisongs knives from Bear & Son, Bradley Cutlery, Brous Blades, & Cold Steel for top notch prices.

On the other hand, if you just want another tool you can play with I would recommend the Spyderco Baliyo. It will supply you with entertainment and joy you never thought you would get from a pen.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Artisan Cutlery Kinetic Tool is an extremely light, durable, and useful edc that not only has a purpose at work or at home, it also has a purpose in the area of fun, which is something I think is important when it comes to selecting what you carry in your pockets every day. If you don’t find joy and/or usefulness in the things you keep around you, what is the point?

As if this tool wasn’t enough on its own, it also comes with a metal tin, a 2-pocketed black nylon zippered pouch, and a yellow cleaning cloth.


Artisan Cutlery Kinetic Tool SIlver Metal Tin


Artisan Cutlery Tin with Titanium Kinetic Tool & Pouch & Cleaning Cloth


Don’t forget to catch me on Atlantic Knife’s YouTube Channel every week for the AK Blade show staring Cee and me.

Cee and I are also attending Blade Show, so hit us up, say hello, take a pic, or show us what you’re carrying. We’re always ready for knives and tools.

With that….I’m just Jul and I am signing off.

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