New SIG & Rike Knight | AK Blade EP 43 Ready for Anything Knife Giveaway GAW

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Jul & Cee are always ready with top notch knives and pun filled quips, and this week is no different as these two break out the $100 deals. Watch as they discuss knives that are each in a league of their own from brands like Rike, Steel Will, BuckNBear, and SIG. A champion knife from each of these brands shows up to the party, even the great ARTISAN PROPONENT makes an appearance as the current GIVEAWAY prize. So don’t forget to like, subscribe, share, and comment so you can enter to win (hopefully before Cee takes it for himself). Catch the fun every Friday on Atlantic Knife’s YouTube Channel!

Share, Like, Subscribe, and Comment in order to enter our next GIVEAWAY. Atlantic Knife is giving away an ARTISAN PROPONENT; like, subscribe, share, and comment on our 42nd &/or 43rd AK Blade Episodes to enter. Make sure to watch our show every Friday to see if you’ve won! All knives are available at Atlantic (See links below).

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Links for This Weeks Knives


SIG X1 Microflip:

Real Steel Luna Titan Slip joint:

Rike Knight:

Cold Steel Pro Lite:

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