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New knives this week from Bastinelli, Dawson Knives, Artisan, BUCK, Medford and FOX. Our two knife enthusiasts, Cee & Just Jul, highlight the Bastinelli Yummy fixed blade first with its M390 steel blade, 3D machined black micarta scales, and endless hold configurations. Following the Yummy is the Artisan Weyden, a front flipper with titanium handle, timascus inlay, and S90V blade AND the Buck 500 Duke Lockback, the limited-edition folder in BUCK USA's 2024 Legacy Collection. As per the norm, AK's got a new giveaway going down. This upcoming month will feature the Spartan Blade Warrior Giveaway. Double your chances by becoming an official AK member via the link below. Customarily, Cee & Just Jul end the show with a few more carries, the FOX Anzu knife, Italian made with MagnaCut steel and VERSO lock, the Dawson USA Outcast with Arizona Copper Finish, and the Medford T-Bone folder with full anodized titanium look. Never miss out on the latest info on new knives and gear! Catch AK Blade EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

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This Weeks Knives

Bastinelli Yummy:

Artisan Weyden:

BUCK 500 Duke 2024:

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AK Giveaway:

FOX Anzu:

Dawson USA Knives Outcast:

Medford T-Bone:

All knives are available at Atlantic

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