New Fall Knives Battle Scarred Cyclone M48 Talon EDC CH Knife | AK Blade EP 34 - It FRIDAY the 13th

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IT has arrived. No, not Pennywise from Stephen Kings Chap.1 & 2 (Thank Goodness. Clowns kinda freak us out), it’s the Friday the 13th Episode of AK Blade. Jul & Cee bring the horror right to you this week by talking about the Best Scary Friday the 13th Knives. These include the new United Cutlery M48 Battled Scarred Cyclones & M48 Talon Dagger, along with CH Knifes’ new editions; The Nighthawk, the Man, and the Toucan. Red balloons, scary weapons, no donuts, and the scariest thing of all…Cee’s Mother in Law, all have a role in this chilling 34th Episode of AK Blade. All knives are available at Atlantic (See links below). Make sure to catch Cee & Jul on the AK Blade Show here every Friday. It’s informative with some entertainment thrown in. Don’t Forget to Like, Subscribe, and Comment! Find us on our social media pages and our website through the links below, so you can contact us directly should you guys have any questions about the giveaway, a product or if you just want to chat.

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