EDC for Your Pocket Gentleman's Stockman's Giveaway | AK Blog Trivia Question

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Atlantic Knife & Cold Steel | EDC for Your Pocket Gentleman's Stockman Knife Giveaway | AK Blog Trivia Question

Every week (or so) we will post a trivia question here on our blog for our fellow AK'ers to answer. After the giveaway's duration, we will announce the winner on our YouTube show, AK Blade, and/or here on our blog. Here's the best part, sometimes the trivia questions will involve real life prizes such as this week.

A winner will be chosen from the correct answers posted, as well as from participants on YouTube. That person will be entered to win a prize package composed of Cold Steel Gentleman's Stockman knives, courtesy of Atlantic Knife and Cold Steel. The winner will be announced in approx. 2-3 weeks.

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