Condor Bush Slicer Sidekick Knife Review

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Condor Bush Slicer Sidekick 5 Min. Review

Just Jul (00:02):

And we're back fellow knife enthusiasts. I'm Just Jul here. And today I've got the Condor Bush Slicer Sidekick yeah not the Bush Slicer. So this is obviously named after Cee. Obviously. So I'm gonna give you the specs on this one. This fixed blade is 8.5 inches overall, and it's got a 4.25 inch blade made of 1095, high carbon steel. Big Surprise. It is Condor after all. So it's got a drop point style, flat grind. It's got a black satin finish, and of course, Condor brought us back their hammered finish on this one, which I'm excited about. I feel like theyshould do it on all of them, just because that's like their icon or their trademark, like Spyderco does their thumb hole on all their knives. I feel like Condor should always give us a little bit of the hammered finish, but that's just me, you know? Yeah. Handle on this one is gray, kind of black micarta. I do like this one. I'm not sure if I like it as much as the Native Hunter that I did on AK Blade episode. It's close. I just liked the handle a little more on the Native Hunter than this one, because it was a walnut wood and it had liners and it had the jimping put through the back. But I feel like this one could also be extremely useful as well, like the Native Hunter. Some people like a more, you know, simple design and that's...that's fine. Nothing wrong with that.

Just Jul (01:37):

So probably like a mid-size cutter. Cuts well. Real micarta handles scales that clothe the knifes' full tang. Classic Condor, black and satin. And it does come with a sheath, not leather, but it is a gray kydex, with a leather mounting or belt loop on the back here. I'll show for those who care. No sheath shimming on this one. And I do like that. They gave us this lip again. I don't know if I stressed this enough in the last couple of Condor reviews I did, where it has this little lip on the sheath where you can just push it off, eject it off like that. I mean, I love that. I love that they put that on there. That's my other favorite thing from Condor other than their hammered finishing is this lip on this sheath. I do like their leather ones more because they just look prettier, but this one's probably more practical. I'm not sure what the life is on a kydex versus a leather sheath. I guess it just depends on how often you use it. And if you drop the kydex one or not.

Just Jul (02:51):

So very different, I have to say from the Bush Slicer. If you guys haven't seen the Bush Slicer Review I did, you can check it out in the corner because that one was way bigger than this one. And it was like a rounded cleaver, almost kinda like a smaller version of Tops' XXX Dicer. This one, I feel like they shouldn't have even put Bush Slicer in there. Yes, it has the similar materials. It's got the same type of blade material and finishing. And it does have black micarta handle. But other than that, I don't see any resemblance at all. I mean, you could use these two in a pair, but I feel like you would probably just use this one for the tasks that you would use the other one for. But you know what? It really doesn't matter. I mean, if you liked the Bush Slicer and liked, I mean, I like it too. I just feel like they didn't have to go and like pair them together. They seem like two totally different knives to me. But they do come with Condor stickers, which if you guys know me, I'm a big fan of stickers. So I like that they give you the stickers on these.

Just Jul (04:05):

So this was designed by Julio Diaz, all of it was made in El Salvador. So you know exactly where your tool's coming from. It could be used as a pairing knife, a fire starting tool. It also excels at smaller, finer tasks. They didn't give you any jimping to do any precision cutting, which I feel like they could have just put a little, I mean, it's not gonna impede your ability to precision cut, but I would've liked a little jimping, Just a little, you didn't have to go crazy. And this sheath is very similar to the ones from the original Bush Slicer. And I think one other knife they did, I can't remember right now, but it's got this lip and it's very similar to this one and the Bush Slicer one. So I guess I could see some of the continuity they carried from the Bush Slicer to the Bush Slicer Sidekick.

Just Jul (05:06):

So if you're loving this knife, you can always take a look at more of our other Condor reviews. We did a whole Condor brand spotlight, where went over Condor's brand, their background and their most popular knives. So you can check that out. We also have tons of five minute reviews, quick minute previews. We also do our AK Blade show every Friday. It's where me and my co-host Cee, you know, we go over the newest knives and gear. We would like to start doing some more like survival stuff, like, you know, showing camping stuff, you know, sleeping bags, tents, ponchos, all that other stuff. We'll see how that goes though. We're also on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, IGTV, Instagram, all of those, we post pictures and the reviews and sales and giveaways, so make sure to check us out on there. So I am Just Jul with Atlantic Knife. This was the Condor Bush Slicer Sidekick, and I am signing off.


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