NEW Knives and Big Axes from Tops Gerber & Steel Will | AK Blade S 2 Ep 40 Esee Knife Giveaway

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Sound the trumpets.

Yes, your next AK Blade episode has finally arrived (and looking snazzy if we might add). This time Cee & Jul are strutting out the BIGGEST and smallest carries from TOPS; the Ucon Hawk and the Mini Tanimbocca Puukko. Also called the MTP, usually by Jul, this 4” knife packs a massive punch. It can be used as a whittler, a creator of blow guns, and can be worn in the neck carry fashion. However, don’t think we’ve forgotten your everyday edc’s. Jul & Cee manage to trot out the Gerber Sumo, a knife that is easy on the eyes with it’s colored liner, but still easy on the wallet and the Steel Will Barghest, an edc that will suit your needs especially with it’s D2 steel blade. Finally, the TOPS Ucon Hawk makes its appearance as Jul’s new best friend. With it’s 1095 carbon steel and heavy duty SureTouch G10 grips one can’t help being envious. It’s this show that will make you wish knives and axes grew on trees.

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