8 NEW Knives from CH Knife, Titanium folding Blades EDC | AK Blade Ep. 14 - Knife Love

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 AK Blade - Epsode 14

This week's episode is all about the CH, CH Knives that is. 

Jul & Cee kick off the show with their usual debate about sidekicks ( Jul's still in denial).
Cee, or the G10 man, jump at the chance to introduce CH Knife 1047bk, while Jul finds her real true love, the CH3505cr. Using the lyrics of Alanis Morisette's song, Ironic, Cee & Jul introduce 8 CH Knives, while making sure they get a few verbal insults in & create some laughs for you. Catch Cee & Jul here every Friday for endless Knives & fun on our YouTube Channel Atlantic Knife.

CH Knives MINI


CH Knives Toad


CH Knife Gyro


CH Knife 3511


CH Knife 3505cr Jade


CH Knife 3504BK


CH Knife 3008


CH Knife 1047bk


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  • Awesome show guys! Your pimping the jimping I love it!

    Rick on

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